Applies to: ZWCAD 2014, ZWCAD 2015

AutoCAD doesn't support smart voice function, how customer can play the voice comments created in ZWCAD? Download following ARX plug-in and load into AutoCAD. 

Steps to play SmartVoice in AutoCAD: 
1. Use AutoCAD to open the drawing with voice annotation that create by ZWCAD+ 

2. Run APPLOAD to load the ARX plug-in. 

There are four ARX routines for different OS (32bit/64bit) and different version of AutoCAD. 
"SmartVoiceEnabler2010_xxx.arx" is for AutoCAD 2010~AutoCAD 2012, "SmartVoiceEnabler2013_xxx.arx" is for AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2014. 


3. Play the voice icon. SmartVoice_speaker.jpg 

Note: the plug-in "SmartVoice for AutoCAD" only enable you to play voice annotation in AutoCAD, but not creating voiceobject in AutoCAD.